Freshman’s First Look At High School


Kiki Riedel and Charlie Drown

With freshmen moving right into high school, they now find themselves with upperclassmen in most classes. While many think that this will take time to adjust to, this freshmen class may surprise you. It will all depend on the person and their attitude towards starting high school. With new teachers, new classmates, and new classrooms, freshmen seem to do well. To confirm this assumption and get answers to important questions, we surveyed the freshmen class. Other than being new to high school, there are a few conditions that follow, more obstacles, and more homework depending on the teacher you have.

According to Hayden Carbon, “There is way less homework than I thought there would be, and it’s all easy.” After asking others, we noticed that there is a higher percentage of those who find the classes and high school, in general, less complicated, and a bit easier on the mind than they had expected. Some students say that the teachers are more laid-back while others say that they are not laid-back at all. Most freshmen also find the new and improved schedule arrangement not too difficult to get used to. High school is bigger and may come with more challenges, but some are able to hurdle over that big mountain with no problem. Hayden also stated that “High school is easier than middle school was. Last year they told us high school would be a lot more strict, and there would be a lot of work, but there is really not.”

We also talked to Bryson Lippold about his thoughts on high school. Bryson says, ¨Classes aren’t as hard at the moment, but I expect them to become harder.¨ We are a few weeks in, and some freshmen have seen an impact in their grades already from quizzes. 

Last year the freshmen class didn’t have gray days, so coming into high school and experiencing that change has been tough for a handful of them. We asked a good selection of freshmen, and most of them said that adding gray days was definitely something that you need to get used to. We asked Ava Rupert her thoughts and she said, “It is somewhat difficult to understand, but it’s not bad.” 

With that, it seems like most of the freshmen seem to find high school a bit better than they thought or expected. Most students are not intimidated by high school and were not thrown right into it without a lot of information about how to get through it. Freshmen seem to know what to do if they miss something or make a small mistake. Most of the freshmen are getting through it. In fact, they are confident in their endeavors. It is hard to believe that we will get through our high school years just to find that feeling all over again!