Southeast Disc Golf Course Left With Much Potential


Eli Commerford

Hole four at the Southeast disc golf course.

Cole Gilpin and Eli Commerford

Almost 2 years ago, Tammy Streit introduced the idea of disc golf to Southeast of Saline. Since then, the disc golf course has been put to very little use, and it has not been maintained well. With the recent uprise of disc golf in Saline County, word has spread of the potential the course has, but a group of people needs to take charge and make it playable again.

The course here at Southeast is a 12 hole, moderately hilly, and lightly wooded course. The course is a good intermediate course with a few challenging holes. The design is a very enjoyable play except for one problem, the maintenance. Ever since the course was brought to Southeast, it has been a ghost town with very minimal care to it. A big problem with playing the course is the frequent disc loss due to the lack of maintenance in the foulege. With the proper care, the course has potential to attract disc golfers around the state. 

       We interviewed a frequent disc golfer and Southeast of Saline student, Connor Caselman, to talk about what can be done and what could come out of the disc golf course at Southeast of Saline. “I think this course has a lot of potential if we could get a group of determined individuals to clean it up and make it playable again,” Connor stated. Connor loves to play disc golf with his dad and his friends whenever he can. Connor thinks that a disc golf team would do well at Southeast of Saline, and a good effort should be made to make it happen. Connor also has some experience disc golfing with the Salina Central disc golf team, and he thinks that the competition we would have would be pretty good and it would be a fun time. 

Determining a season is an important factor in adding a sports team to the Southeast of Saline program. Students that would like to play for the team may be in a different sport so they can’t play. It is also very important to take into account the weather and when the best conditions would be because it is an outdoor sport. In the past, wind has been a huge concern with the spring season, and for baseball and softball because the past few seasons it has been extremely windy, which has had a large impact on previous spring sport seasons. Winter would not be a good time either because it gets extremely cold and it would not be convenient to be outside playing in those conditions. That leaves fall; fall is the most reasonable time to include disc golf because the weather is reasonable for most of the season, getting a little bit colder towards the end, but still very playable. The wind and other conditions would not affect the sport as much as it would in the spring and the winter. Even though this may affect the ability to play for some players because of other sports, it seems like the best season to include this sport. Adding a new sport to any season would affect the players, but fall is a big one because football and cross country are two sports that have a high player count.

In all, the possibility of adding a disc golf team to Southeast of Saline could definitely be a possibility with some determined people and a good effort with the school board. According to our interviews and opinions, kids would play, people would watch, and the team would win.