How are Fall Sports Going?

Joel Huffaker and Levi Allen

Opening up the school year, the Southeast of Saline Trojans have been going strong in all fall sports. Football has averaged just below 50 points per game, allowing just under 10 points through week 7. Cross country is having a great season as well, with a time average of 16:48 through the first five runners. The volleyball team has had a great season, beating the third-ranked team in 3A, Beloit, while advancing to sub-state where they were cut just short of moving on. 

Damion Jackson, a senior here at SES, is pleased with how his season has gone so far, although he recognizes that there is always room for improvement. When asked what he would change about the season, he said, ”I would like to be able to see competition other than my own teammates.” Damion has gotten second place in most meets this year, only losing to his teammate, Levi Allen. He believes that with greater competition, he would be motivated to run a faster time and improve his overall race performance. Not only does he want competition for himself, but also the entire team, as they have won every meet this year by a huge margin. Damion comments on some of the fun memories that have been made so far this season, saying, “Pelting people with water balloons is a nice change in pace to the usual practice.” 

Southeast of Saline junior Nathan Weller, started off the season a little nervous, but as the season continues, he has become much more confident and comfortable as a true starter. Weller says that the football season has gone very well this year, as they are undefeated heading into the playoffs. Nathan says that his favorite moment from this year’s season is playing Rock Creek which they defeated 38 to 26, as going into the season, Rock Creek thought that they were going to be the best team in 2a, and have an easy week 1 win. Weller is super excited for the upcoming playoffs, all while very grateful for this season. 

As the season is over, Trojan volleyball had one of the best seasons they have had in a while. After interviewing Schuyler Rose, she expressed lots of excitement after beating Beloit. It was a massive accomplishment, seeing as Beloit was on a 50-game streak, and didn’t seem to be beatable. This being the best moment of the season for her, she was also excited to go into the playoffs where they tried to fight their way into the state tournament. The only thing she would change about the season was the number of games they play. She would love to be able to play many more.

The 2022 fall sports season, as you can tell, is off to a great start. Going into the postseason for all of these sports there is room for improvement, but all three sports have a good chance of making it far. Good luck to all of our trojans!