Survival Guide to Mr. Baird’s Class

Emma Lippold

Room 111 is one place you’re bound to end up in your time here at Southeast of Saline. Mr. Baird’s College American History, Government, and Psychology classes take place in that very room. Stepping into his room you may be greeted by a “Good morning” or a “How are you today?” Entering his room is the easy part, the real kicker is what to do now that you’ve grabbed a desk. We’ve got some tips and tricks for you all to survive Mr. Baird’s class. 

Here are Mr. Baird’s comments on his classes, teaching style, and how to survive his classes. 

  1. His favorite class to teach is American Government because he likes seniors and their maturity and ability to discuss issues. 
  2. Another thing he likes about the seniors is that they see the light at the end of the tunnel (graduation).
  3. A class that stands out to him is one that has good attendance, turns in homework, and tries to do their best. 
  4. World War II is his favorite topic to teach because it teaches a lot of lessons to learn from such as the geographical, political, and economic factors, dictatorships, and peoples’ rights being taken away. 
  5. In regards to participating in his classes you don’t always have to talk but when asked to read or answer a question, at least try. 
  6. His tips for new kids coming into his class are to have good attendance, participate, try your hardest, and prepare like a champion.
  7. Mr. Baird is a morning person so his favorite hours are those before lunch. He pointed out in his interview that his circadian rhythm lacks after lunch but then picks up in time for advisory.
  8. You probably know Mr. Baird as a coach too. He decided to start coaching when in the mid-80s all social studies teachers had to agree to coach at least two sports. He has coached everything except for track, cross country, and volleyball. One reason he likes to coach is because he gets to know different aspects of Southeast of Saline. 
  9. To avoid getting rolled on (a way he tries to limit bad behavior) you need to “turn the sass level down under six,” and “treat others with dignity and respect.”
  10. If you want to get rolled on immediately (you don’t) you need to stir the pot, put another student down, or question the method in which he is teaching. Avoid these if you want to stay in Mr. Baird’s good graces.
  11. Mr. Baird wanted to make sure at the end of his interview to add that he is here because he wants to be. 

Finally, here’s the writers’ personal survival guide to Mr. Baird’s class. 

  1. Easy 25 questions don’t really matter pint wise but answering them can put you in the good graces with Baird.
  2. Make sure your class doesn’t get into the Kahoots slow, having a little competition for who gets their name on the board first is something he likes.
  3. He often makes comments during Kahoots and easy 25 questions that lead you to the answer. 
  4. Quizlet
  5. Make a poster that ties to an inside joke or something to do with your class.
  6. Study the study guides he gives before the tests, they are very very similar.

We hope that this article helps you get ready for the classes you’ll take in room 111. Getting ahead of the game and knowing Mr. Baird and what he likes and doesn’t like will especially help you get prepared for your future social studies classes.