Below Freezing

Kieran Douglas and Carly Commerford

We have all experienced the unknown temperatures that we have to live with at school, year around. The majority of the rooms or areas in the school are uncomfortably cold and many students agree. We wanted feedback from the student body to figure out what room was the coldest in the school and what room was the hottest. These answers could hopefully get us to warmer temperatures throughout the school.

Coming back to school we all forgot about the freezing temperatures that make you want to wear your winter clothes. The first week back to school, everyone quickly forgot about it being 80-90 degrees outside and dressing in shorts and a t-shirt and swiftly moved into pants and sweatshirts since it’s usually freezing. In almost every classroom that you go into you can hear the students saying how cold it is and you can definitely see that by the way that students dress and the number of heavy coats that they wear.

After asking students for their opinions the top two responses for the coldest rooms were Mr. Baird and Mr.Douglas. Since Mr. Baird’s room is so cold, there are a lot of times that we have to go work out in the library because it is so hard to focus in the freezing environment. With an overwhelming amount of votes, Mr. Andersons’ room was clearly the winner for the warmest room in the school. The main reason for this is that he is one of the only teachers in the school that can control the temperature of their room. Mr. Anderson often has to yell at students because people (boys) often like to mess with the thermostat since they think it is too hot in there.  

We also asked students’ opinions on what room is the most comfortable for them. The majority of students voted for Mrs. Currie and Mr. Sauber’s rooms. Many students also believe that being in a comfortable room contributes to a better learning environment and allows students to focus more. If all rooms in the school could be at these temperatures, students would be much happier and not talk teachers into breaks to get out of the cold classrooms.