How does the workplace mirror the classroom?

Kiki Riedel, Photographer/Author

While spending about 8 hours of your 24-hour day at school, you would want it to be a comfortable space that would encourage students to be involved and to learn. Just the way the light is or the setup of the classroom can really change how a student works. 

Each classroom is in a different area, so some might have windows and access to natural light while others don’t. In  Mr. Krehbiel’s room, there are multiple floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows are really nice because they let natural light into the classroom. The fluorescent lights are actually bad for your eyes and can cause eye strain or blurry vision. With us students also looking at our Chromebook, it is good that some classrooms have the option to open blinds and not use fluorescent lights. In other classrooms at Southeast, teachers have little LED fairy lights around the whole room, so they can turn off the ceiling lights when students are working. When asking a few students they say that they like when teachers do this because the room is darker and it is more calming than the bright lights in the ceiling.

Another concept students take into consideration when entering a classroom is the way it is set up.  When taking a poll with a few students from our school, most people like walking into the classroom and seeing a group table setup. Students don’t really like sitting in rows and would prefer sitting at little group tables when you can face each other. They also like this so they can do more group work rather than working on their own. Another thing students notice is where the teacher’s desk is. Students usually prefer the teacher’s desk to be at the front of the room not in the back behind them. One thing that goes with this is the seating chart. If you ask any student they will say they would want to pick their spot to sit. Every kid has different preferences than other students. So that can change the way they might work. If a teacher chooses sometimes it might have a bad impact on the classroom. I think this because then students might not benefit from the seating arrangement and might not work as well. These are some reasons why different workplaces can make a difference in the classroom.