Is Changing the School Schedule Really Necessary?

Kiki Riedel and Charlie Drown

There has been a lot of talk going around the school about different schedules. An example is three gray days with one purple and one white day. Another one students have heard about is a drop schedule. Is this all really a needed thing that we have to do for the school and its schedule? What do the students think about this whole idea, how will they all react if the schedule does change?


These are all plans that the school has been contemplating; some of those ideas may be exaggerated rumors from all of the students. Though most feel like there is really going to be a schedule change, causing the student minds to stir, perhaps in confusion. The teachers and administrators have been considering this plan for a while, yet they need it because the school does not have excess staff members. Lacking staff may mean that everyone’s plans for the day may have to change in order for everything to still run smoothly. There are a few problems of course. Some may go against revising the schedule and think it is not the best idea, and some may think it is for the best.


What problems could the changing schedule cause the students and even teachers if there would be any problems? Things like this are planned with that very question in mind, for it could make students more tired and even less interested in going to school. The lack of teachers may change this schedule, but maybe it will be for the greater-good? The students may not like this change all that much; though, this could help the school system out the most.