Sadie’s Dance


Cali Augustine and Emma Zurfluh

The Southeast of Saline Sadie Hawkins Dance occurred on February 11, 2023. To prepare for the dance, students spent a lot of time trying to find an outfit. This made us curious about how much the average student from Southeast of Saline spends on the dance compared to other schools. A survey was designed and shared with the student body to see how much people spend on the following items: dresses, heels, outfits for the guys, and dinner. 

We collected data from 21 students at Southeast to find the average cost of how much each person spent on Sadie’s. The price of dresses ranged from $11 to $96 with the average person spending around $50. To finish off the girl’s outfit, the average amount spent on a pair of heels was $43. With only two boys providing information on how much they spent, the average cost of a formal outfit for gentlemen was $135 for the whole outfit. Before the dance, groups like to take pictures and eat. Two of the most common restaurants that people ate at were Applebee’s and Martinellis. People spent an average of about $34 on dinner. This google form was a good way to find the truth about how much Southeast of Saline students spend on average for the dance. 

Southeast of Saline is relatively frugal compared to other states in the country. Information was collected on how much the average person spends at Willis High School, Willis Texas—the ticket prices for the Sadie’s dance average between $15 to $30. Students spend anywhere from $150 to $600 on dresses, heels, makeup, suits, ties, and shoes to get dressed up and ready for the night’s activities. Dinner can average anywhere from $50 to $100. (Le)

After looking into how much Southeast of Saline students spend on Sadie’s compared to other schools, we found that we spend less than the average school. When looking at how much we spend, we also need to consider that the cost of living can vary depending on the state.