Saying Goodbye

Katie Meares and Emma Lippold

This year, three lovely staff members have decided to leave Southeast of Saline in order to pursue interests other than teaching. Mrs. Wilson, our FACS teacher, Mr. Sauber, our Algebra and Physics teacher, and Mrs. Wright, our Secondary Principal. Those three positions will be hard to fill because of the expectations they are leaving us with. 

Mrs. Wilson has been an amazing part of Southeast for 34 years. She started out subbing for eight years and then moved on to be the food service director for 19 years. She’s been in the FACS classroom for seven years. Her favorite part of teaching at Southeast was getting to know her students and helping them with activities and projects. She has also been a wonderful FCCLA advisor. Her favorite part of advising FCCLA has been traveling, San Diego especially, and seeing a shy kid that she thought would never venture out really bloom and come out of their shell. Mrs. Wilson’s advice for the next teacher would be to engage and keep the students who are in FCCLA helping and guiding you through your first year. Also, enjoy the newly-remodeled room. Next year, Mrs. Wilson is looking forward to traveling, following her grandkids around because now they’re getting into school age, and expanding her alterations business.

Mr. Sauber has been a great teacher at Southeast of Saline for 39 years. He is one of the school’s favorite math teachers and has been the Scholar’s Bowl advisor for years. He will really miss the competition and the great time he had getting to learn more about the kids on a personal basis. Teaching at Southeast, he has appreciated the family environment and getting to teach the kids of his previous students. His advice to the next teacher is to focus on what the kids are doing rather than what you are. Be actively involved and get them out of their seats because they don’t learn by just listening. His students encourage them to take an active role and responsibility for their own education. His favorite memory from teaching at Southeast has been when something really works in physics and yelling “science works!” Next year, Mr. Sauber might still be around subbing, but he’s looking forward to exploring his hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and beekeeping, where he plans to expand his hives and sell more products. 

Ms. Wright has been a wonderful principal, and, if you have known her long enough, she was an amazing counselor as well. Ms. Wright has unfortunately decided to leave Southeast because she is just ready to move on to a larger school. Ms. Wright had said, “I want to go to a bigger school with a team of administrators that could work together and collaborate a little more together.” She has decided that her next step will be as Ark City High School Assistant Principal. We asked Ms. Wright what some advice would be to give the next principal and she said, “To be involved, be active, and go to events and activities because that is how you really get to know the students better.” She also would recommend to the students to, “Have fun, but know that there are rules for a reason. The administration isn’t out to get you and they just want you to grow into respectful adults.” Lastly, we had the  opportunity to ask Ms. Wright what has been her favorite part about Southeast and she said, “The kids for sure; they’re the best!”

It’s always sad to see teachers leave. You hear the stories of their classes, who they are, and how much you’ll miss out on now that they won’t be at Southeast anymore. We will be saying goodbye to some great people that have done a lot at Southeast of Saline. Ms. Wright has been a great counselor and principal to all of us and we are looking forward to what she does next. Mr. Sauber has been a math teacher for many years, and is the reason why so many of us finally understand algebra. Mrs. Wilson has been our sweet FACS teacher for a very long time, and we are very interested in seeing her traveling around the world and hanging out with her grandkids.