Glow in the Dark Volleyball


The white team poses for a picture after taking first place in the tournament.

Avery Caselman and Maddie Harris

Schuyler Rose, Kimber Ogerzolka, and Macy Bunch, members of the publications class, created a glow-in-the-dark volleyball tournament to help fundraise for the Publications class. This was the first time for the fundraiser, and will hopefully not be the last. 

The tournament was held on April 8th at 7pm at the school. Five teams participated wearing their own team. There was an orange team, white team, pink team, green team, and a black team. The teams were allowed to come up with their own team name. Two of the favorite names were “Block Party” and “Hits Don’t Lie.”

With only five teams it was hard to come up with a fair bracket. The white team was allowed a bye in the first round while the other four teams battled it out to make it to the winner’s side of the bracket. The orange team took a first-round victory against the pink team and the green team beat the black team in the first round as well. The bracket kept going and teams were either finding success or failure. After several rounds, two teams battled their way to the championship game. 

The championship game came down to the orange team and the white team. On the white team were Schuyler Rose, Brooke Johnson, Macy Bunch, Eli Sawyers, Nakari Morrical-Palmer, and Nathan Friesen, and on the orange team were Maddie Harris, Avery Caselman, Connor Caselman, Omar Calzada, and Brenton Leeds. The white team was looking for redemption after their loss to the orange team in the second round of bracket play. Because this was the championship game, both teams agreed to play three sets and have six players on each team. The orange team recruited Christina Wingo to join their team to be their sixth player but unfortunately, that was not enough for the orange team to hold on. The white team won the game in two sets.

The first-place team received medals, a trophy, and most importantly, bragging rights. Lots of trash talk was going down before the tournament, during the tournament, and after the tournament, but the championship put most of the trash talk to rest. The glow-in-the-dark volleyball tournament was a great fundraiser for the Publications class and was a fun experience for all the students involved.

Block Party poses for a picture after their first-round win.
Hits Don’t Lie pose for a picture after one of their games.