Softball Recap


The JV team took first at the Hoisington Tournament on April 29th.

Kiki Riedel, Photographer/Author

In the 2023 season, Southeast Softball has been doing an amazing job. Varsity has lost only two games, while the rest have resulted in run-rules or almost run-rules. The Junior Varsity (JV) is also having a fantastic season and is going undefeated as of May 1st. After playing three back-to-back games, the JV team won the Hoisington tourney to complete their season. The girls have gotten together to have some fun after a few practices, including a paint party at Blue Barn Door and then thanking umpires for umpiring games. Lately, all of the girls have been feeling accomplished either due to personal accomplishments or even goals created by the whole team. The energy of the entire team is incredibly uplifting and happy. The girls always congratulate themselves and others around them no matter who they may be. Hope for the next season will stay the same, and the anticipation will not die. Congratulations to the whole team for all of their joyous excitement and will to keep moving ahead.