Students thoughts on online school

I think I can speak for most students when I say that none of us thought that the day before spring break would be our last day at physical school. Since then, students and teachers alike have had to adapt to online methods of learning. For some, (including myself) it has been difficult to stay motivated. Others are enjoying certain parts of online schooling. 

“It was nice to have school at home. You were able to do homework and get outside.” – Anonymous

“Live, Laugh, Love” – Makenna Batholomew

“I mean, it could be worse, but there’s nothing we can do so it’s whatever.” – Luisa Ortega 

“I like that it gives me enough time to work to make money, although I am sad about missing track this year.” – Kanin Elkins

“It’s an opportunity for me to be with my residents at my job more. I think with the circumstances, the school did a great job at transitioning.” – Sadie James

Of course, not all students can easily remain optimistic. They are not alone. According to the Henry J Kaiser foundation, 45% of Americans have reported that Covid-19 has negatively affected their mental health. 

“I feel like i’m not really learning anything. All my work feels like busy work.” Anonymous

“4/10” – Luke Van Tassel

“I think the teachers gave us a big workload, which is annoying, but it’s not like I have anything better to do.” – Taylor Mcquillan

“I am borderline going insane.” – Kylar Dewhirst. 

“Online school is not fun at all.” – Grant Stumph.

“I personally do online school classes better for classes which don’t involve a lot of hand work. With classes like choir or band, however, I have no intention of doing the busy work. Just ace those classes and leave me alone.” – Anonymous 

“Online schooling is an effective way of learning for many students, however, it is not my ideal way of learning. I easily fall behind in classes because I do not have the same motivation as I did when school was in person.” – Anonymous

Although there were varying opinions on online school, we must remember that the switch was not easy for anyone. Teachers, administrators, and students have all had to adapt and overcome these barriers brought about. Judging by student responses, we all have different difficulties and reactions, but the way to make the best of online schooling is to take advantage of the extra time- whether that be filling it with a job, enjoying the outdoors, or just simply relaxing.