Prom brings about few changes this year


For a night when tradition is expected, Prom and After-Prom will bring about a few changes this year. 

While the tradition of the junior class being responsible for organizing the dance will remain, the meal plans, dance venue, and After-Prom venue have changed. 

On Prom night, April 18, the meal plans will be quite different from what students have experienced in the past as they will all eat together in a banquet. 

Junior class vice president Dorothy Ann Sparacino, taking charge of the Prom meal alongside junior class president Becca Kuhn, recently revealed what goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the banquet. 

“We hired a caterer to prepare the meal and decided that we are going to have sophomores (who will be chosen at a later date) be the servers for the banquet. In return, the sophomores who serve will be invited to join the seniors and juniors at the dance,” Sparacino said. 

The junior class officers are excited to test out the new tradition of hosting a banquet before the dance.

“(The banquet will) be a time to connect with each other and get excited for the dance,” Sparacino said. 

Sparacino said that the banquet will be held at the Prom location in a room that is separate from the dance floor. 

The new Prom location will be quite different from what students have experienced in prior years as they will be in an old train station. The last two Prom dances have been held at Marymount in Salina. 

This year’s Prom will be held at Lamone’s, 701 Bishop Street, in north Salina. 

“I don’t think prom has ever been at Lamone’s, so I’m excited to see how it works for us,” Sparacino said. 

She said she is excited to see how the old historic building decorated with the Enchanted Forest theme that the junior class has chosen. 

 “It has potential to be really pretty with our planned decorations. I’m excited to begin setting it up,” Sparacino said. 

Not only is Prom being held in a new venue so is the After-Prom. Since the closing of All Star Lanes, the traditional After-Prom venue, the After-Prom committee has made the decision to move the location to the Alley. 

“I’m really excited to use the new venue. I think it will bring about more opportunities that will make the night more enjoyable,” Weis said.

Weis, along with other senior and junior class parents, have worked to put-on different fundraisers to be able to afford such an expensive venue. 

“Some of the fundraiser’s put-on this year to fund After-Prom were the prairie patch bake sale and gift card wreath raffle, the 10th annual After-Prom basketball tournament, and a high school basketball tailgate,” Weis said. 

While venues and meal plans have changed; attire and attendees have remained the same. 

The attire will be formal and the junior and senior classes will be attending the dance.