Sadie Hawkins norm broken by SES students at Hollyball

Jocelyn Pembleton, Copy Editor

When SES students show up at Hollyball tomorrow night, they’ll be met with a few breaks from tradition, but one thing remains the same: While Hollyball is traditionally a Sadie Hawkins dance, several girls do not plan on asking the guys.

“I just like going with friends to Hollyball because I believe it is more fun to show up and dance with my friend group instead of worrying about a guy,” Taygan Daisy said.

Madison Lawson agreed.

“I don’t really care about asking a guy to Hollyball because it is more fun to go with just my girl friends,” Madison Lawson said.

Freshman Amara Turner thinks it’s less stressful to go alone.

“I am going with my girl friend group because I think it is less stressful than going with a guy. You don’t have to worry about dancing with them, picking where to go out to eat, taking pictures, etc.,” Turner said.

While all three resist asking a guy to go to the dance, all plan to be there on Saturday, at the annual Hollyball dance.

Daisy said she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay but that she does like dressing up and showing up to see how the dance atmosphere is and to observe a few of the changes.

One of those changes is that instead of the junior class hosting the dance, the SES Music Department decided to put on the dance this year.

“It is very likely that almost all of the money will be used to pay for the DJ.  At only $5 per person attending, we need a lot of people to come to pay off our DJ bill.  I’m not doing this as a fundraiser or a money maker. I’m doing this because some kids were disappointed that it wasn’t happening and asked if I would be willing to help out,” Ms. Keri Boley said

Another change that the Hollyball dance will be undergoing is the location. The dance has been moved to the elementary cafeteria instead of the upper gym.

“The windows are nice, it’s a nice size, and it’s not like kids need a wood floor and sawdust for two-stepping, so I think even though part of the floor is carpeted, it will be a better and prettier place for a dance. I hope I’m right,” Ms. Boley said.

Many students are welcoming the change in location.

“It is a much smaller space than the upper gym, so I believe we will all dance more than usual and not just stand around in groups spread out across the floor. We are not a big school, so I think the smaller space is more ideal,” Maddie Johnson said.

Emmaly Winship said she anticipates enjoying her time there.

“My favorite part about Hollyball is dressing up and taking pictures before the dance. Also, going out to eat after with my friends is fun too,” she said.

In the past, students have complained about the music choices at Hollyball, but expectations are high this year as there will be a DJ in charge of the music.

“I’m excited for the music because it won’t be played off of a premade playlist, and the DJ will be able to skip and choose songs to keep everyone pumped up,” Madeline Blake said.

 The DJ is from Complete Weddings and Events and he is based out of Manhattan, KS. Students can send their favorite songs in to Mrs. Boley so that there can be an array of music genres.

“It will be something different than what I am used to. I think that having a DJ will be better music-wise and make Hollyball stand out from other dances. I think that the DJ will make the dance a lot of fun!” freshman Ashley Prochazka said.