From canoeing along volcano to teaching English, Spanish Club submerges in Costa Rican culture


Mr. Brad Settle

SES Spanish Club members, pictured in Alajuela, Costa Rica on day two of the June trip, stopped to look at statues and the playground in the city.

From canoeing along a volcano to teaching kids English, 13 Spanish Club students and three sponsors who traveled to Costa Rica during the middle of June relished the opportunity to submerge themselves into a new culture and sharpen their Spanish-speaking skills. 

The sponsors –  Brad Settle, Sandy Rogers, and Mike Pruett – and students said they loved experiencing the Costa Rican culture and food. 

“The food in Costa Rica is a lot healthier and unique, ” participant Braedon McVay said. “The fried plantains that they gave us are something you cannot usually experience in the U.S.”

The first day started with a coffee plantation tour in which the students saw how the coffee was made. They were allowed to buy coffee and bring it back for their families to enjoy.

The group – Amber Beaumont, Cade Cooper, Burke Clements, Leah Feldman, Alyssa Johnson, Madison Lawson, Braedon McVay, Jocelyn Pembleton, Faith Pruett, Bre Standley, Michelle Trellogen, Cole Trimmell, and Grace Wyatt – brought many things back to America for their friends and families to appreciate. Lawson, for example, bought 100% cocoa chocolate and three different types of coffee for her family so they could get a small taste of Costa Rican culture as well.

The trip cost was approximately $2,500 per person. Students raised most of the money working at junior high basketball and wrestling events. 

Even though the price of the trip was relatively expensive, Spanish Club students said they do not regret going.

“The cost seemed like an extremely small amount once you actually got there and were able to have a once in a lifetime trip surrounded by fun, new people,” Trimmell said. 

Several said the trip was worth the cost and that they enjoyed the work from fundraising because of the outcome. 

“I learned good people skills and how to wrap a hot dog quickly,” Feldman said. 

“I thought fundraising was amazing and getting to know everyone in the club was fun. I definitely think the cost was worth the trip. It was so fun to get to know the other schools and do all the fun things we did,” Beaumont said.