StuCo modifies Homecoming theme, dance, hallway judging


Mrs. Dawn Rohrer

Homecoming candidates (back row) Seth Eklund, Aaron Kitchener, Braedon McVay, Madeline Blake, Luke Van Tassel, Colyn O’Connor, (front row), Hope Nurberg, Meredith Tillberg, Kate Weis, and Katie Moddelmog will learn tonight at 6:30 who will be king and queen.

Ellie Grauerholz, Reporter

For a night when tradition is expected, Homecoming will bring about a few changes this year. 

While the traditional crowning of the Homecoming king and queen will remain, theme selection, hallway judging, and the dance venue have changed.

Several weeks ago, students were allowed to vote on the Homecoming dance location, date and attire.  

StuCo has also modified the method of judging hallway decorations. 

The theme is Hollywood. Each class has been assigned a designated hallway to transform to a movie of their choosing. The freshmen have staged Shrek, sophomores will present The Lion King, juniors are displaying Jurassic Park, and the seniors have produced Harry Potter. 

Tonight at the tailgate before the football game against Russell, visitors will be invited to walk through the school to see the different hallways and vote on a winner.

 “This is something that will bring the community together,” StuCo president Luke VanTassel said. 

“Everyone can vote with money on which hallway they think is the best, and the class that has the most votes will be able to keep the money their hallway raises. The rest of the money earned will go to the Student Council to help pay for outdoor seating.”

The dance itself will have a few changes as well. Instead of having the dance inside, students have voted to move the dance outdoors on the elementary blacktop, and attire for the after-game dance will be informal. 

Van Tassel said the vote was really close, with only 51% of the students voting to stage the dance outside. 

“If four more people would have voted for inside, the results would have been flipped,” he said. 

Last Monday, Sept. 9, the ten Homecoming candidates were announced after students voted electronically to select the royal court. 

Queen candidates are Madeline Blake, Kate Weis, Hope Nurnberg, Katie Moddelmog, and Meredith Tillberg. King candidates are Luke Van Tassel, Colyn O’Connor, Braedon McVay, Seth Eklund, and Aaron Kitchener. 

The coronation of the king and queen will take place at 6:30 tonight before the 7 p.m. Homecoming football game.