BBBS members party at the pumpkin patch


Bre Standley

Hope Nurnberg, Aliyah Viramontes, and Jordyn Willis picking out small gourds. They were able to each take one gourd home as a gift from the pumpkin patch.

Weaving in and out of corn mazes, bigs and littles enjoyed themselves as they laughed and played at The Sunnyside Pumpkin Patch. Every year Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) members have the opportunity to hang out with their littles and other bigs in the organization at events like this. BBBS went to the pumpkin patch on Oct 26th to celebrate the fall season. Many of the bigs look forward to playing with their littles around the pumpkin patch. 

“I enjoy the opportunity of bonding with my little and doing fun activities with her,” said Peyton Harp.

The bigs and littles have the opportunity of becoming better friends by riding the bus to and from the pumpkin patch. 

“On the bus ride I talked to Leah (my little) and asked how her year has been and what activities and sports she is doing,” said Peyton.

BBBS spent around two hours at the pumpkin patch. The big and littles ate pizza together and got to know each other better before exploring the activities the pumpkin patch has to offer. The pumpkin patch is a great opportunity for both the bigs and littles to interact with different grades. 

“I was able to hang out with Kate Weis and it was fun not hanging around my usual friends and being able to bond with our littles,” said Emmri Tanner, a sophomore.

There are a variety of activities that the members can participate in. The options include going through the corn maze, playing on the play equipment, hula hooping, and jumping on the new jump pad. 

One of the bigs’ favorite activities was playing with her little on the play equipment.

“It was fun seeing my little playing with her friends on the slide,” said Nicole Neff, junior.

Becca Glahn, junior, enjoyed hula hooping. Her little, Jordyn Willis, loves to hula hoop so their time was mostly spent in that area of the pumpkin patch.

“It was fun interacting with my little and her friends while they played together,” said Glahn.

The bigs in BBBS look forward to the pumpkin patch each year.

“I like seeing my little have fun by playing with her friends and watching our bond grow closer,” said Neff.